La partita dell'assedio: 17th Febrauary 2018

February 17th 1530, Florence was besieged by troops of Carlo V that they wanted to bring back to Florence the Medici Family. It was played a match of "Calcio Storico" to deride the enemy. The committee of "Calcio Storico" and the Association "Cinquanta Minuti" (a group of old glories of Calcio Storico) are gonna celebrate the anniversary making a day in red, on the calendar, an unique event for the history of all Europe. A glorious day to remind in Florence forever.


The 17th (of February 1530) a group of people, for not change the old custom to play for carnival, decided to play in "Santa Croce" square a match of livery, 25 of them were dressing with a white attire and other 25 with a green one, having as a prize a calf.

To be seen, there was a group of musicians playing with trumpets up the roof of the Santa Croce Cathedral while a cannon shot announced the beginning of the match.

This is what the writer "Varchi" used to write in his stories, and we can also note that a besieged population had never played a game to make fun of the enemy before.This is why we are all proud of them.

To remember that fateful day, from February 17th 2018, the players of "Calcio Storico" returned to the same field in Santa Croce square to honor the breath warriors who preceded them.

On this upcoming February 17th, 2017, Santa Croce square will be as it was on the 16th century to remind people the events of that important day. Inside the cathedral all the attires of that century will be displayed to bring back to present those glorious days of the Florentine city. VIVA FIORENZA!

"PLAYING A CALF" - Alessandro Monti

On February 1530 Florence had been taken over by the armies of Carlo V and Pope Clemente VII, leading to a slow war between them and the Florentines.

An ancien florentine tradition wanted that people by Carnival used to play soccer. Not the same soccer as the one we know nowadays, but the historical one call Calcio Storico: an ancient game, that according to some people was played by romans and called HARPASTUM, played to keep the body trained.
The Florentines decided to show to the army of Carlo V that life in the city was the same and they were not going to stop doing what they always did. So they decided to play the game in front of the troops of the besiegers.

Nobody knows how the match ended or which team won, but according to an hold diary of the 16th century that was found and preserved in the library of Santa Croce, the victory was for the green team.Truth?Lie? It doesn't matter....what really matter is that the game played on that day will be remembered in the history of all sports.

The match played is an anthem to Florence, a symbol that is part of the identity of each florentine and that adds a sense of belonging to our city. The point of reference of each Florentine sport event. This year we decided to stimulate deeper the pride of Florentines trying to find sponsorships with private entities to be able to make bigger the world of Calcio Storico traditions.

ANDREA VANNUCCI (Sport advisor of Florence)

The match siege is one of the main events for Florentines. After almost five centuries from the first match, the power of this event is the same or maybe even bigger.The history of the match is one of the last traditions that have been handed down from generations to generations.In the historical event there's everything that represent Florence: From the expulsion of the Medici family (the main family in Florence on that time) to the return of Florentine Republic; the courage not to give up and resist for two long years, to the siege of the troops of the greatest empire of the world. There is power, the honor and the irony of those who in the worst situations never give up and like only Florentines can do, to make fun of the enemy. This tradition is still alive today because of some exceptional Florentines: the "Cinquanta Minuti" association, a group that brings together the greatest players of the past that now are committed for solidarity and what's good for Florence.

Umberto Bini (The president of the association) and this group of people are the example that this chaotic city can be united for the common good, The real players are ready to overcome any division and this association has already done this in the past for many important charity events. Their commitment show once again who really are these players, they perfectly embody the spirit of "Calcio Storico", and they deserve to wear the historical colors of soccer and play in Santa Croce Square making live again the match of February 17th, 1530.

Michele Pierguidi (President of Calcio Storico Fiorentino)

On February 17th, 1530, Florence was attacked by troops of Carlo V that wanted to bring the Medici family back to the city. A calcio Storico match was played to deride the enemy. The committee of Calcio Storico and the association "Cinquanta Minuti", that group the old glories of Calcio Storico Fiorentino, will celebrate the anniversary writing in red on the calendar, this unique date for the history of all Europe. A glorious day to remember in Florence forever.